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Bulle Rock Home Triple Crown

Bulle Rock Home – Triple Crown

Residential Title & Escrow Company is a full service real estate title firm, capable of providing personal attention and efficient results throughout the entire settlement process. Our staff of experienced professionals have both the local and industry-wide expertise to deliver peace of mind to the settlement table when you’re ready to close on your next home.

Why Choose Residential Title & Escrow?

We draw upon over three decades of experience in the real estate closing process. Our extensive knowledge of real estate, financing, real estate law and the settlement process enables us to identify and address any areas of concern and avoid any delays in the settlement. Our practice of pre-titling for all of our work insures you come to the settlement table with no surprises and complete confidence.

We work with some of the largest and most respected residential and commercial builders and financial institutions in the area. From the title search and examination phase right through to closing settlement, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver results.

Our residential title services include:

  • Title searches
  • Title examinations
  • Title insurance
  • Closing cost estimations
  • Escrow services
  • Residential closing
Ritz-Carlton 9111

Ritz-Carlton 9111

Why Use a Title Company?

Purchasing a home may be the biggest investment you make. As with every investment, you’ve done your research and know you’ve found the home for you. While the house and land may be tangible, visible assets, the actual title to own and possess the property is not. That’s where title companies come in.

We research the title, examine all current and previous owners and interest holders, as well as any open mortgages, liens, judgments or taxes. We insure that your purchase is exactly what you’re expecting and facilitate the transfer of the title from seller to buyer.


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