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Tips for Choosing the Right Title Insurance from Residential Title

With all of the excitement and headaches that come with buying a home, title insurance may seem like a low priority. However, title insurance can ensure that your closing process goes smoothly and will help to prevent problems from occurring down the road so it should be an important consideration. In today’s blog, we offer some tips and advice for choosing the right title insurance company.


Title insurance is an important consideration.

Tips for Choosing the Right Title Insurance from Residential Title

Title insurance covers a two-step process. In the first step, your title company will conduct a title search and uncover any problems that could compromise your ownership of the property. These issues could include undisclosed heirs, liens, and a host of other potential problems that can cause significant delays in the closing process or even prevent you from purchasing the property at all. During the second step of the title insurance process, an insurance policy is established which will protect you if anyone ever challenges your ownership of your title. Here are 3 questions to ask when choosing a title insurance company.

What is the total cost of your title insurance?

In most markets, prices are regulated so you won’t see much savings by shopping around at different title companies. However, in areas where title insurance is not regulated you could see up to a 20% difference in costs. Keep in mind that though the insurance price itself may be regulated, many associated fees can add up quickly and change drastically depending on the company. When vetting a potential title insurance company, be sure to ask what the cost will be for the entire transaction instead of asking solely about title insurance.

What’s your track record?

Title insurance is a complex world and reputable companies have built up reputations over decades rather than years. Getting word-of-mouth recommendations is a great place to start.

Who pays?

Who pays for title insurance can vary depending on the regulations in your area, sometimes even varying by county. Your title insurance company should be able to enlighten you as to the laws in your area so you will know who will be responsible for the final cost.

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