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Selling Your Home This Spring? These Tips Can Help

Because the weather is nicer and Thanksgiving and Christmas are far behind us, home sales start to drastically increase in the spring.

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, there’s still time to prep your house before it’s officially listed. Let’s take a look at some of the best selling tips to help you receive a fair offer for your home.

Selling Your Home: Make Sure it has Curb Appeal

Photo: Selling Your Home is Easy with these tips

These tips will get you the best offer when you’re selling your home.

As the saying goes, you only get to make one first impression. If the front door could have used a new coat of paint or the bushes could have been slightly trimmed, these are all details that can turn potential homebuyers off. In a competitive market, you have to make sure even the smallest of details are taken care of in order for your house to be sold. Pressure-wash the driveway and front walk, trim trees and bushes, and make sure your windows sparkle inside and out. A potential homebuyer has to picture himself or herself as being able to live in your home, and you can make their job a lot easier by taking care of small, yet potentially significant issues.

Make Sure the Price is Right

Setting the price for your home is one of the most stressful parts of putting it up for sale. You need to be reasonable when setting a price, and you can’t expect someone to pay more than what it is really worth. You may have an emotional attachment to your home, but that doesn’t make it any more valuable to a new buyer. Overpriced homes are going to sit on the market way longer than other homes, and some buyers might not even bother to make an offer. It’s okay to want a fair value, but don’t set a price that is unreasonable. Working with a professional real estate team will help you know what you should expect and what’s a fair asking price.

Do Pre-Inspection Repairs

After an inspection, any repairs that are needed can often extend the time it takes to close a contract. Some sellers will continually go back and forth with the buyers on what they are willing to pay for and what they aren’t, and sometimes deals can fall through completely during this exchange.  Buyers will also sometimes ask for more expensive repairs that would have been cheaper if you had hired your own electrician or plumber originally. In order to save time and money, get any issues fixed before an inspection for the buyer takes place.

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